Packaging Premiere

The world of luxury has its own rules and its own special radiance – be it yachts, jewelry, handbags or fine food. If you don’t follow them, you have no chance of gaining a lasting foothold in this world. The speakers in this conference are Ute von Buch, editor-in-chief of Creativ Verpacken magazine, in conversation with Simona Eckhold, founder and CEO of AnnLeeBags, creative director Pamela Tailor, Time for Champagne, and Charles Znaty, CEO of Dengo Chocolates Europe. Together, they explore the question of the role packaging plays on the journey towards creating a luxury product with radiance

The conference will be held in English. Simultaneous translation will be available.

Mai 21, 2024 | 14:45 - 15:30 - Simona Eckhold 
Conferenze | Luxury: the way into the extraordinary 


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