AnnLees Elements Nachhaltigkeit.

In love with my world.

Sustainability is more than just a passing trend, it is responsibility in action.

At AnnLee, we believe in making conscious choices and acting responsibly. Our bags embody true luxury by combining beauty and sustainability.

For me. For you. For ever.

"In a world of mass production, I believe in offering a timeless, 
high-quality and sustainable product"
Simona Eckhold, CEO AnnLee

In the beginning it was an idea. 
What if things could be better?
More beautiful, simpler with more style?

What if we don´t drink our spicy chai latte and fragrant cappuccino from a simple paper cup?

What if we drink it from a cup that is as valuable as this enjoyable moment itself?

Style is the key to AnnLee. 

We uprightly stand for conscious decisions in all areas. 

We only work with first-class trained bag makers in Germany and place great value on fair wages, careful craftsmanship and sustainable processes.

Every bag and every cup is a responsible result of love, passion and dedication to quality.

Good for us, 
good for the world, 
in which we live.

From fair wages to meticulous craftsmanship, every AnnLee Bag & Cup is a testament to our commitment to quality and the environment. Join us in cultivating a lifestyle that celebrates elegance and sustainability.

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