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“Because I can see, feel and smell quality”
Simona Eckhold, CEO AnnLee


You can feel it when something is really valuable. It's the warm, natural scent of genuine leather. The velvety feel when you run your fingers over it. The careful and loving workmanship in every detail. It is the fusion of quality and responsibility, the harmony of love and sustainability. It is more than just a fashion statement, it is an expression of style and class. 

Our high-quality, fine leather comes from Germany, France and Italy and belongs to the coveted, highest quality class, of which there are only 5-10% worldwide.

Our leather is produced in an environmentally friendly way without AZO dyes. The color on the leather edges is applied five times by our bagmakers with uncompromising dedication to ensure a particularly long-lasting value and reflects our tireless commitment to quality and our respectful treatment of nature's resources.

AnnLee is a conscious decision. 
In balance. 
For you and for all those who live with you and after you.

In love with my world.

In balance. For me, for you and for all those who live with us and come after us.

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