AnnLees Elements. Craft.

Made with Love.

"The spicy scent of high-quality leather.
The velvety soft feeling when I touch it"
Simona Eckhold, CEO AnnLee

Made in Germany. Made with Love. Made by AnnLee.

Step into a world of exquisite craftsmanship with AnnLee. From the rich aroma of the premium leather to the velvety feel, each AnnLee Bag & Cup tells a story of dedication and passion, from the multiple hand-lacquered edges to every single seam.

Handmade in Germany, each bag and cup bears the mark of its creators - a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship, sustainability and respectful treatment of nature and its resources.

Part of me. Part of you.

AnnLee bags are unique pieces that are designed, developed and expertly handcrafted in Germany. From the first cut to the last seam, quality and fair working conditions go hand in hand. It's all about balance - for me and for you. That means fair wages, the best working conditions, certified supply chains and sustainable processes. It's a question of balance.

We invest in quality out of responsibility and conviction.

Collection - Enjoy AnnLees World.

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